Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Latest Health Obsessions

I am trying new and different things constantly to help me feel better and to
help me stay motivated to live a healthy lifestyle.
(at least that is how I am explaining my "always trying to lose weight" obsession)
My newest obession: #1:

I mix 2 tablespoons of Chia Seeds in with my Protein Shakes in the morning.

It is actually really good. They taste like nuts.

Why you ask? There is some
in depth info about Chia Seeds below.
I just really like the way they make me feel. Just clean and fresh!

-Chia Seeds are THE BEST source of
Omega-3 & Omega-6 essential fatty acids!
-These seeds are perfect for diabetics &
people watching or trying to lose weight.

-Chia Seeds are also very beneficial to the
heart and extremely high in fiber, calcium, high
quality protein, slowly processed carbohydrates
and loaded with vitamins & minerals and antioxidants!
-The chia seed is THE BEST source of Omega-3.
-Chia seed is high in protein with 18 grams per 100 grams of seed
and high in calcium. 5 times the calcium of milk, 631 mg per 100 grams of seed.
-Chia seed is hydrophilic.
Absorbing up to 14 times
(Mix @ 9-10 times) its weight in water.
This helps extend energy and endurance.

And see here: It gave Berkely the motivation to get all geared up and yell "I'm Ready to Jog Mama!"

Obsession #2: 30 day shread

I like it because it is only like 25 minutes.

No matter what, I feel like I can find 25 minutes to work out. It is a KILLER workout and designed with 3 levels of intensity.

So, my friend Angie and I made a goal to complete the 30 day challenge (taking Sundays off), and here is the chart I made for us.

This is mine, of course. Going out of town kind of put me off track, but I am back on again.

That's all for now.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Something for those darn remotes

I hate the remotes. They fall everywhere, get put everywhere, and of course we can never find them. Hopefully this tray will help a little.A little yellow mustard paint, inked edges, modge podged paper, hot glued ribbon and buttons, this n' that letters, and NOW I have a tray I am proud to stick them in. I want to add a small vase with some flowers or greenery, and call this end table GOOD to go!

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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Pretty in a PillowCase

At 9:00 last night I was doing laundry. I was putting away a plain white pillowcase when I remembered a tutorial I saw about a pillowcase dress. Instead of finishing the laundry, or doing anything else I was suppossed to do last night, I busted out the sewing machine and made this.
This is ABSOLUTELY the first thing (besides one simple blanket), that I have EVER sewn. I am pretty proud of myself. It took me till 1am (LOL), and it is FAR FAR FAR from perfect, but it definitely works.

I added a cute material flower, which you can find the tutorial for here.

And this morning, the first thing we did before breakfast, was a fashion show!! Berkely loved it.
Sorry about the messy table, I didn't even think about cleaning it all up last night.

NO JOKE, if I can do this, ANYONE CAN!!!! I am heading to the thrift store sometime to find some vintage type pillowcases, with lace on the bottom, to fiddle around some more.
Tutorials for the dress found here, and here.

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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Primary/ Sharing Time Craft

I am in the primary in my church. This month, it is my turn for Sharing Time! We had our lesson about translating the Gold Plates. I decided to look through my pantry and see what I could find for my own gold plates.

It was my GOLD FIND! Gold wrapping paper, gold glitter paint, gold gems, and gold raffia! It was meant to be.

Cut out some lettering.

There they are. The Gold Plates, hidden in the EXACT box that they were orininally found in. :) Easy to make, fun, kids loved it, and now they sit in my closet waiting to be used, so please call if you need them for FHE or a lesson!
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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Tide Box Ribbon Organizer.....

I have the worst habit of ending my crafting efforts in a wham-bam-thank-you-mam, type of clean up. That means I just throw EVERYTHING into a tote (I am a tote-a-holic), and put the tote in my closet and move on to cleaning the rest of the toddler mayhem that is always waiting for me. Well, these ribbon totes have been screaming at me to organize them.

I kept staring at my Giant Tide Box from Costco, wondering what to do with it. I decided to cut a side off, modge podge some paper and ribbons to it, and think some more. I was going to turn it into a barbie house, but that didn't work. I need something bigger for that.

Here is my ribbon in all it's GLORIFIED, HORRIFIED mess.

And here it is in the tide box. A few holes, a few dowells, and now it is organized. It is not too fancy, I know, but it was basically free, and provides me with a little sanity.

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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Getting Ready to Party

We are getting ready for my daughter to turn the big 2!
I saw this darling birthday wreath at Meet The Newcombs and have had in on my Craft-Dar ever since.

When my husband first saw this pile of balloons, he lacked any faith in my ability to create something cute with them.

Especially when it looked like this.

But over time......
And with a little Pipe Cleaner and Feathers.....

And of course a cute tag.....

Wah-Lah! A darling BDAY wreath!

For more of a tutorial click here.

P.S. My new obsession blog, will feature those things that I obsess about at random times in my life....thus the title random acts of obsession! Thanks for coming!