Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Rat Trap and Car Papers

1.Rat Trap Wonder:
I know. Rats are grose, so are their traps, but not any more!

Okay, So you get a rat trap. You can also use a mouse trap, it is just smaller, I wanted to go big!

Then you pry off the metal hardware. I took off everything but the spring at first.
Gathered my loot. Paper, paint, ribbon, modge, etc.
Painted the Rat Trap and HATED IT!!! I hated how you could still see the wording. It was ugly.

So, I pryed up the snapping part (be careful!)
Then I found this old gift bag that I had. (you can use any scrapbook paper or material)After that, I simple turned the trap upside down, painted the edges, and modged the gift bag on to the wooden surface.
That's much better!!!!

Added some ribbon and pink rope (from the gift bag).

Then I took my hubby away from basketball for 5 minutes while we clamped down the spring trap part back on to the trap. I don't know how we would have done it without clamps!

Clamped it down tight.

Powered up the staple gun and stapled the spring back on.

I added 3 round magnets to the back, and stuck it to my fridge! Love it. Rat Trap Nasty to Rat Trap Wonder.

You could do bills, coupons, receipts, to do lists, etc. I think bills will do for my first attempt!

#2. Organizing My Car Papers

Found this bad boy for 1 dollar at a thrift store. It is a foldout coupon holder. I knew just where I needed it...... First I had to make it a little bit more pleasing to the eye.

So, I modged, and I cut, and I modged, and I waited.

And I added a little burned edges satin material under the flap, and a satin flower.

I went out to the car to find this mess below:

And made it look a little bit better using my car papers, modge podged, wonder.
Thanks for sharing in my latest obsessions! Have a great day!

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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Kudos to my k-5 teachers

Julie, Shannon, and I wanted to give something to our team of K-5 teachers. So, I made up a little digi scrap quote that we framed, a KUDOS tag, and added some Kudos bars.Here is the teacher quote we used. Our adminstrator told us this quote at a meeting once, and I thought it was perfect for us to use.

Here is the Kudos tag that I just folded over the ziploc baggie.

We added these necklaces to the gift and called it good. Now we all have matching necklaces! I love my team!

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Monday, May 3, 2010

Mother's Day Peak

I've seen these glass tile necklaces floating all over blog land. I had to make some! Shannon from Shenanigans and I made it a craft night and finally did it!

You can use pictures or scrapbook paper. You will see both examples below.
Rachelle told me where to find the tiles, bails, and chains. They are sold way cheap from CandyTiles2 on etsy! I could NOT find them in any craft store in Southern Utah, so I ordered them online.

This will be a piece of my mother's day gifts. I also used them to go with some teacher gifts we made.

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